Meet Our Professional Team

Adam Hodson

"The Talent"

Adam has been a practicing CPA for over 20 years. He is passionate about teaching business owners the most profitable way to operate their businesses and occasionally takes some of his own advice from his staff. When he is not in the office, you may find him at the ice rink playing hockey (poorly).

Karen Stephenson

"The One In Charge"

Karen is a pro at everything related to accounting. Tax prep, bookkeeping, payroll and management. She has been “managing” Adam’s business for many years and will continue to keep him focused on his goals.

Brittney Lewis

"The Chaos Coordinator"

Brittney has spent years working behind the scenes to make sure that hundreds of client files move properly though our tax prep process each year. She excels at doing what she is supposed to do instead of what Adam tells her to do. She is a lover of coffee and her dog (who features prominently on social media).

Ed Reding

"The Pretzel Guy"

Ed has decades of tax and accounting experience but knows that there are more things to life than just preparing tax returns. Like a hard pretzel that is rolled instead of stamped. They are hard to find but are worth it when you do.

Vanessa VanBeek

"The Canuck"

Vanessa is our newest addition. She recently moved here with her husband and 4 kids from Canada “Canuck”. She has many years of experience as a reception/office assistant. In her spare time she is often running around to kids sporting events or watching sports from the comfort of her home!

Our Story

The story of Adam Hodson CPA:

I started my firm in 2005 in a spare bedroom in my home, never running a small business on my own before. I picked up clients rapidly and within 2 years, I had outgrown my small home office.

I moved to a small executive suite and hired my first employee. Then shortly afterwards, I hired 3 more. My firm was growing pretty fast at this point which has its own set of challenges. As more work came in, more work needed to be done and I struggled to keep up.

I hired more employees to help with the work but that required me to spend much of my time managing employees and not much time to do the work that paid the bills.

After more than a decade of managing my “successful” accounting practice, I was starting to get burned out. Working more and more without much to show financially for my efforts. About this time, I had the fortune to meet someone who had experience building and operating multiple CPA firms. He offered me some help and I responded like many other small business owners that I have worked with over the years:

“I don’t need any help,”

I said while thinking I have a Master’s Degree in Accounting and a CPA license.

And for the next 2 years, my friend continued to offer help and I continued to turn him down. Still working harder and more hours with little to show for my efforts.

Finally, I was getting desperate so I thought I would take him up on his offer. What he shared with me was simple, but not easy. Choosing to limit my practice to business owners that used QuickBooks, I worried about financial ruin as I let go almost 20% of my clients that year.

And what was the result? In one year, my revenue increased 14% and my net income increased by 24%!

I learned a valuable lesson from this experience that I now try to pass on to my clients.