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Meet Adam Hodson, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a master’s degree and a penchant for transforming the notoriously dry topic of accounting into a lively, engaging experience.

He’s not your average spreadsheet enthusiast. His engaging presentations have been featured at small groups of realtors & estheticians to large groups like the City of Las Vegas and the Small Business Association (SBA)

“Entrepreneurs are working harder not smarter and killing themselves in the process. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Work with a professional so you can make more, while working less!”

– Adam Hodson, CPA

Who Is Adam Hodson, CPA, CFE, MS, MSCTA?

Why is Adam Hodson the expert?

Not only has Adam helped hundreds of business owners navigate the intricacies of tax and accounting, but he’s also a small business owner himself. His firsthand experience in the trenches of business offers a unique and relatable perspective.

With decades of experience to draw upon, Adam is able to use stories to help explain complex tax and accounting principles in an interesting and memorable way. Every presentation has a clear set of action points that audiences can start implementing immediately.

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Adam's Speaking Testimonials

Client Acclaim for Adam Hodson, CPA

Adam doesn’t just teach accounting; he tells stories. Drawing from a wealth of real world experiences, he weaves humorous and memorable narratives that debunk common misconceptions and shed light on crucial business principles.

“Adam is a terrific speaker. Loved his presentation, very informative!!”


    “This was very informative and gave me answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. I’m very glad to have attended.”


      “Adam covered information clearly and at a level that someone like myself who has no experience in this area could follow and understand.”


        “Great info that is presented in a very organized and efficient system to use.”


          “Outstanding presentation, answered all my questions. Thank you, I highly recommend!”


            “Knowledgeable, great communicator, organized with materials.”


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              Adam Hodson's Biography

              “When I started my CPA business, I didn’t have any experience running a small business. I just knew that I had to grow fast . . . to make more money.

              My first year, I prepared 25 tax returns. My second year, I prepared 75 tax returns. My third year I hired 4 employees, opened an office, and prepared 150 tax returns followed by 300 tax returns the following year. My small business was growing fast but I wasn’t making any money. In my mind, I felt like I was investing in my business. If I could just grow large enough, at some point, I could cash in on the volume.

              After 10 years of business, I had a perfect record of increasing the number of tax returns I prepared every year. But I was also working 7 days a week. Not just during tax season. My entire year became a tax season and I was hitting a wall.

              It took an intervention from a financial advisor I was working with to show me that there was another way. Begrudgedly, I swallowed my pride, and implemented his suggestions . .

              That next year, I prepared 15% fewer returns than the year before. But my revenue increased 5% and my net income (the important number) increased by 47%. After seeing that, I was no longer begrudgedly about the process. I looked for more ways to accelerate it. And to teach my business clients how to do the same.

              So now, when I am not speaking you may find me at my office. But you are just as likely to find me on the ice playing hockey. Or at the movies. Or traveling to see my family. Or a dozen other things more satisfying than long hours behind my desk. I look forward to connecting and being part of your next event so that, together, we can make more, while working less.”

              -Adam Hodson, CPA