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Welcome to Adam Hodson CPA, your trusted partner for comprehensive public accounting solutions. From basic tax returns to advanced tax strategies and wealth planning, we are dedicated to evolving your financial success!

We prepare tax returns for business owners who use QuickBooks. We are available to meet with our clients throughout the year to improve their tax situation.

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If you have just started a business, it saves you time and money to start it properly. We have helped hundreds of small businesses set up their entities and accounting systems.

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For business owners making over $100K per year, there can be significant tax savings by restructuring your transactions during the year instead of waiting until after the year is over.

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Are you looking for a speaker for your next business group meeting? Adam Hodson has a unique ability transform the notoriously dry topic of tax and accounting into a lively, engaging experience.

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Premier Public Accounting Services

Do You Feel Like You Work Hard In Your Business But Have Nothing To Show For It? You Are Not Alone!

My Journey Began In 2005, Launching My CPA Firm From My Home With A Vision Of Aiding Businesses Through The Maze Of Tax Planning & Financial Management.

Most business owners have little or no training in running a business. They just try to “figure it out”. I know this because even with my Masters in Accounting and CPA license, I had no idea how to run a business when I first started.

Rapid growth ensued, bringing both success and challenges. Like many entrepreneurs, I found myself immersed in client work, leaving no room to strategize for my own business’s future. This relentless pace led to burnout, a scenario all too familiar to business owners.

The turning point came when I received help from a professional to restructure my business practices, leading to a remarkable transformation:

I resisted advice at first. But in the first year that I implemented best practices for my business, I reduced my client base by nearly 20% resulting in a 24% increase in net income.

Inspired by my own journey, I now dedicate myself to helping my clients navigate similar challenges. Understanding the delicate balance between growth & personal well-being, I leverage my insights to guide fellow business owners towards sustainable success & satisfaction.

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