Business Tax Returns

Preparation of a business return requires more than just transferring figures compiled by your accounting program to a tax return. We offer the following services with all of our business tax returns:

  • Review your company chart of accounts and software setup (if you use QuickBooks)
  • Reconcile balance sheet accounts and select income statement accounts from the general ledger to the supporting documents
  • Review transactions for “Red Flag” transactions and compliance with the latest tax laws Identify opportunities to reduce taxes on the current year and future year’s tax returns
  • Prepare a written plan for you to follow next year to reduce your taxes, stay in compliance with tax laws and make your estimated tax payments
  • Answer short questions via phone or email throughout the year at no additional charge.

Our pricing is based on national averages compiled by the National Society of Accountants Income and Fees Survey. We don’t want you to be surprised by your tax preparation bill so we have listed the starting prices of common forms below. Your pricing will also be determined by the complexity of your transactions, organization of your source documents and timeliness of your responses to our questions during the preparation process.

Starting Prices for Common Business Return Forms

    1065 1120S 1120
  1040   Base Return Price $600 $600 $700
  1040-ES   Estimated Tax Payments - - $35
  Schedule D   Capital Gains & Losses (per Item) $25 $25 $25
  Schedule K1   K-1s (per Partner) $25 $25 -
  Form 982   Discharge of Indebtedness $35 $35 $35
  Form 1125-A   Cost of Goods Sold $15 $15 $15
  Form 4562   Depreciation & Amortization $15 $15 $15
  Form 4797   Sale of Business Property (per Item) $65 $65 $65
  Form 6252   Installment Sale $40 $40 $40
  Form 7004   Automatic Extension $25 $25 $25
  Form 8594   Asset Acquisition Statement $20 $20 $20
  Form 8824   Like-Kind Exchanges $75 $75 $75
  Form 8825   Rental Real Estate Income & Expenses $10 $10 $10
  Form 8846   Credit for Employer SS & Med Taxes on Tips $15 $15 $15
  Form 8881   Credit for Small Employer Pension Plan Costs $15 $15 $15
  Form 8941   Credit for Small Employer Health Insurance Premium $50 $50 $50
  Form 8949   Sale and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets $40 $40 $40
  Depreciation   Schedule $10 $10 $10
  Depreciation   Each Item $1 $1 $1
  State Return   Preparation of State Income Tax Returns $65 $65 $65
  Prep Work   Bookkeeping and other work to calculate figures prior to entering on tax return Hourly Rates
  Meetings   Meetings in the Office  Hourly Rates
  Tax Planning   Tax Planning Services and other calculations Hourly Rates

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Important: We are Only Accepting New Clients Who are Business Owners that Use QuickBooks.