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Our firm focuses on clients who choose to be proactive with their tax and accounting needs. With the complexity of today’s tax code, you can’t leave saving money on your taxes to chance by just focusing on tax preparation one time a year. Our clients look for guidance and suggestions throughout the year so that there are no surprises on April 15th.

We specialize in helping small and medium sized businesses with their tax, bookkeeping and payroll needs. Our services include more than just preparing returns. We help our clients set up accounting systems that help them save both time and money. Our system gives our clients the tools necessary to monitor their financial position throughout the year which allows clients to make better management decisions.

Mike Michalowicz is the entrepreneur behind three multimillion dollar companies and is the author of Profit First, The Pumpkin Plan and what BusinessWeek deemed the entrepreneurs cult classic, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.

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Important: We are Only Accepting New Clients Who are Business Owners that Use QuickBooks.